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My breakthrough work began in 2002 with my 40" PASTEL PAINTINGS resulting in the large-scale 80" PASTEL PAINTINGS from 2005-2008. Working horizontally, I completely wet the large sheet of paper and worked from the nude model with compressed pastel, which, when wet, is very intense, thick, spontaneous, uncontrollable and sensuous.  I could not be clean or accurate, but I could wash out and put in new heads and figures as often as needed until something unexpected happened.  By this process a world peopled with unusual characters emerged.  I discovered a form of psychological realism, a commentary on the human condition and interrelationships.  It's the psychological aspect that interests me, and I believe the viewer responds to. It sucks them in and keeps them there, sometimes uncomfortably so.
Two galleries below.

2005-2008  Please click images to enlarge

2002-2005  Please click images to enlarge
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